Need to start probate but don’t even know where to begin?

Discover The 6 Stages Of Probate In New York And How To Make It As Fast, Easy And Painless As Possible

New York probate attorney explains how to approach the intricate probate process to maximize favorable outcomes while minimizing stress, liability and time commitment.

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After helping hundreds of families through the probate process, I realized how many people were in the dark about how it all worked…when suddenly they’re thrown into it after being named “Executor” of an estate…

I decided it was time to shed some light on the matter so I created this FREE video and information guide:

The Six Stages Of Probate

In these free resources, you’ll learn:

How to navigate the New York probate process and fulfill your estate management responsibilities

The real truth behind common myths and misconceptions about probate

How to take possession of the estate and safely consolidate the assets

What you can do to protect assets even without the necessary court papers

The “Seven month rule” – Why you must not dispose of any estate assets for seven months (you’ll thank me later)

What you need to do before any assets are sold off or divided

How to keep creditors from taking money out of your pocket to pay estate debts

The #1 secret to not getting sued by your beneficiaries, plus a pro-tip to minimize the burden of probate and maximize the favorable outcomes…

How to avoid steep penalties from brutal creditors, collection agencies and government greed

The two-step “order of operations” to avoid ANY liability from your beneficiary checks

What to do if your accounting is contested

And much more...

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