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We help you take the steps to protect your family and
make sure your assets are passed down generation to generation with proper Estate Planning.

We’re All About Legacy Planning

The goal is to protect clients and their loved ones, in a caring and compassionate way

At Sheryll Law, it’s called “Legacy Planning,” because the goal is to protect clients and their loved ones, in a caring and compassionate way,
and ensure their assets remain within their family.

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Trusted Relationships

We’re more than paperwork and legal talk. It’s important to us that we develop trusted relationships with our clients and a level of comfort that allows you to turn to us with any of your legal needs. As trusted advisors, we help you through the process answering any of your questions or concerns along the way.

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Forward-Thinking Solutions

We’re not your typical law firm. Our team works to employ modern technology and techniques so you can always access your information and documents securely and conveniently. We are constantly working on new ways to offer more value and efficiency to our clients throughout our processes and relationships.

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Experience & Knowledge

Depth of knowledge only comes from experience, our firm’s knowledge in Estate and Trust Planning is an inch wide and a mile deep. Choosing a law firm that has a narrow scope of focus ensures that all your legal team is up to date on the latest strategies. Rest easy knowing your estate, trust, and probate planning will leave your loved ones planned for and covered.

Why Choose Sheryll Law?

Our clients come to us from all over the NY Metropolitan area

As a local Long Island Estate and Trust Planning Law Firm, our firm understands the needs of the Suffolk County residents. Our firm’s employees are native Long Islanders too, it is part of our firm’s DNA to help our neighbors rest easy knowing that future circumstances are planned for now.

No one can see foresee the future but planning now allows for unforeseen circumstances, especially a major illness. Sheryll Law P.C. offers personalized, hands on Estate Planning strategies to be put enforce to protect you, your assets, and your loved ones.

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Estate and Trust Planning

Estate planning addresses the management and disposition of your assets (e.g. money, investments, real property), support for you and your loved ones, and end of life decisions. A sound estate plan keeps all your options on the table in case of your incapacity or death...

Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Elder law is estate planning for the elderly. Elder law practitioners focus on the concerns of an aging population. Examples of concerns include estate management in dementia, long term care, elder abuse, and guardianships...

Probate and Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration begin after an individual is deceased and his or her estate is subject to distribution. When you have a will, it governs the distribution. When there is no will, the state mandates the distribution plan....


Guardianships provide legal protection for individuals who are incapacitated mentally, physically or both. Indeed, they are important because they protect people who cannot otherwise protect themselves. Every guardianship begins with a petition to the court...

Asset Protection

Asset protection is the part of estate planning that minimizes estate taxes. Estate taxes siphon value from the assets a decedent leaves in his or her estate. However, New York State (NYS) and Federal estate taxes only apply to estates of high net worth individuals...

Estate Litigation

The Estate Administration process is never linear. Consulting an Estate Administration attorney to understand the complexities and rights of the family members after losing a loved one can help to avoid conflict, animosity and potentially litigation.

Advance Directives

Accidents happen and unforeseen circumstances arise everyday. Advance directives eliminate overburdening your loved ones with choices they may regret.

Consulting with an estate and trust attorney to design a cohesive advance directives plan, allows you to dictate your wishes and the care you will receive if you become incapacitated. Along with ensuring your final wishes are honored, these directives also help your loved ones navigate the difficult process.

Trust Planning

Estate Planning is equivalent to a personal insurance policy for your health, your assets, and long-term planning in case you can’t make decisions for yourself. Although hiring a Trust Planning Attorney may seem daunting the benefit is the peace of mind knowing your loved ones will prosper from your thoughtful planning.

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