Sheryll Law, P.C. provides Community Medicaid planning services to Long Island residents who wish to receive long-term health care in their homes.

How to Plan for the Future with Community Medicaid Planning

There’s no place like home. Consulting with an experienced Community Medicaid Planning Attorney can ensure a proper plan for remaining at home for long term care. Community Medicaid provides additional financial security that can be put in place as you age by making arrangements for home-based caregivers and home-based rehabilitation therapy.

Proper advanced planning with an experienced Medicaid Planning Attorney can help keep you in the safe comforts of your own home and know your options.

Make sure you are in the position to get the long-term care you need with Medicaid planning. Sheryll Law, P.C. can help you plan for the future, so you can qualify for Community Medicaid.

Community Medicaid Eligibility

There are asset and income limits for Community Medicaid as of 2023.

  • $30,182 in non-exempt assets for a single applicant
  • Up to $1,677 a month in income for a single applicant as of February 2023
  • $40,821 in non-exempt assets for a couple applying
  • Up to $2,268 a month in income for a single applicant as of February 2023

Although there are income limits for applicants there are still options. Discuss your financial situation with an experienced elder law attorney to discuss legal strategies to meet eligibility.

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Qualifying For Community Medicaid

You shouldn’t be expected to “spend down” and jeopardize your home just to receive the in home care and heath assistance you require. Starting Medicaid planning early can allow you to meet eligibility requirements and provide you with more options to receive care. There are several long term planning strategies that provide security, without having to sacrifice your hard earned money. Long Term Care Planning includes many financial tools to protect your assets including pooled income trusts and irrevocable trusts. The money within the Irrevocable trust will not count toward your estate, allowing you to qualify for Community Medicaid without having to spend down all of your assets. Consult with an Medicaid Planning attorney so you can receive Community Medicaid coverage and develop a strategy that is best suited for your financial situation.

What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

What is Medicare?

  • Medicare is an insurance program that serves individuals age 65 and older. If you are under 65 and have a disability you may also be eligible for coverage.
  • What Does Medicare Cover?
    • Medcare can offer coverage for a variety of services depending on your insurance plan.
    • Medicare covers medical services and hospital care as well as prescription drugs and some medical equipment.
  • Medicare is a federal program that is not dependent on your income.

What is Medicaid?

  • Medicaid is an assistance program that is state specific with no age restrictions.
  • What does Medicaid Cover?
    • Community Medicaid covers home health aids that assist individuals with activities of daily living. Community Medicaid also can provide coverage in certain associated living facilities.
  • Medicaid programs such as Community Medicaid and Nursing Home Medicaid generally serve low income individuals. However, with the increased cost of long term care, more Long Island residents are seeking to apply for Medicaid.

Establishing a Need for Service

Financial requirements is just one of the many aspects to consider when qualifying for community medicaid.  However, there are health requirements as well. You must establish a need for services to qualify for Community Medicaid. Medicaid requires you to show that you need assistance with several activities of daily living. However if diagnosed with dementia, the individual must only show that they need help with a single activity of daily living. Common types of Community Medicaid activities of daily living include:

Bathing, walking, grooming, dressing, going to the restroom and toileting.

Your Long Island Community Medicaid attorney can explain these requirements in detail during your Medicaid Planning session.

Can Medicaid Take Your Home After Death?

Unfortunately we have seen several scenarios where Medicaid can seize or place a lean on an individuals home. Medicaid may seize your home as a form of repayment. However, this can be avoided with proper long term planning.

Like many of us that work hard for our money, we want our home to be given to our family. Community Medicaid attorneys will go over options to help protect your home from Medicaid recovery. Proper planning now can protects your home and assets. However, if you or a loved one did not plan but need assistance now, you may still have options. Discuss how best to navigate protecting your assets and qualifying for care with a community Medicaid attorney.

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