Sheryll Law, P.C. Announces March 17 Estate Planning Webinar “Time To Step Up!”

Sheryll Law, P.C., a boutique firm that focuses on estate planning and elder law services, announces an upcoming webinar on March 17, 2021, at 3 p.m. Eastern outlining President Joe Biden’s tax plan. Entitled “Time To Step Up!”, the free online webinar will include topics such as estate tax, estate planning, and overall tax changes. Participants can join the webinar via computer from home. The Riverhead, New York-based estate planning firm offers comprehensive estate planning services customized to each client and their unique needs and desires, in keeping with their philosophy of planning a life on paper and living life by heart. 

Sheryll Law P.C. believes in providing exceptional customer service and educating their clients about all aspects of estate planning — or as they call it, “legacy planning.” Their upcoming webinar will encompass estate tax, overall tax changes, and all federal policies that impact estate planning. Founder Jay Sheryll, Esq. felt it was vital to put together the free webinar for residents on the East End of Long Island. 

“With a new administration in the White House, we wanted to share how President Joe Biden’s tax plan affects clients and potential clients in terms of their estate planning goals,” he explains. “Our firm takes a personalized approach and tailors estate plans to meet the needs and desires of each individual and their families. However, comprehensive estate planning begins with educating our clients about policies and regulations that impact their financial goals. I’m excited to outline the Biden tax plan and its effect on estate planning for everyone who joins our webinar from the comfort and safety of their home on March 17 at 3 p.m. Eastern.” 

To register for Sheryll Law, P.C.’s webinar, “Time To Step Up!” call 631-206-5893 or complete the form on the Sheryll Law, P.C. website. 

About Sheryll Law, P.C.

Sheryll Law P.C. offers more than standard estate planning and elder law services. At Sheryll Law, it’s called “Legacy Planning” because the goal is to protect clients and their loved ones in a caring and compassionate way and ensure their assets remain within their family.

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