Stop worrying about end-of-life care and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

BUSTED: 4 Estate Planning Myths That’ll Destroy Your Life’s Legacy

No matter who you are, you have assets to protect. From taxes, healthcare costs, and more.

Your family and your loved ones deserve the full legacy you’ve worked so hard to build. Over a lifetime of hard work and achievement.

We’ll work with you to protect your assets – and your wishes. Now, in your final days, and for generations to come.

Do you want long-term healthcare costs to devour your life savings? If the answer to that is “no”... you have options to protect yourself and your assets! (no matter how “late” you think you are!)

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In this FREE video, I'll reveal 4 big lies so-called "experts" are feeding you about estate planning and you will also learn:

4 ways to give away assets WITHOUT Medicaid penalties

Why the state CAN’T take your home (if you act now)

Why your tax-free gifts of $15,999/yr will blow up your estate plan

The one thing you need to do right now to avoid devastating landmines in the estate planning process

How to protect your assets without losing control over them!

Legal loopholes to bypass the dreaded “look-back” period

Why giving everything to your kids is a BAD idea (you could lose it all)

An expertly crafted “legal suit of armor” that protects your assets from long-term health costs and keeps you in total control!

Why giving everything to a healthy spouse could backfire in the end

The 11th-hour “secret weapon” that will save up to 50% of your assets even in the worst Medicaid situation imaginable

A 60-minute solution that could solve all of your estate planning headaches for good

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Six Stages of Probate Long Island - (631) 506-8440 - New York Probate Estate Administration Attorney

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