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Are You or a Loved One Getting Older in Long Island And Looking To Preserve Assets To Avoid Being Wiped Out By Astronomical Health Care Costs And Want To Explore Your Life Planning Options?

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Medicaid Planning
Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care Planning
Hospice Care
Nursing Home or Assisted Living Care Planning
In-Home Care Planning
Other Long Term Care Planning

Why Plan NOW (and not tomorrow):

  • Gives you time to find alternatives to pay for care, so you can preserve hard‐earned assets
  • Allows you to keep all or most of your assets, rather than making avoidable payments for care
  • To leave your loved ones what you’ve worked a lifetime for
  • Makes the most of Medicaid’s safe harbor provisions
  • Medicaid eligibility is very complex and the rules change frequently. Even simple errors can result in a denial of benefits. We can take care of this for you.
  • Ensure you have control over your future care and certain other decisions

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  • Payment Options Available To Suit Your Needs – We accept all major credit cards and offer convenient payment plans & financing.

Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. Immediately afterwards, no worse time exists to navigate the legal, financial, and tax complexities of probate and estate administration. We understand and know how emotional and stressful this can be. We help you honor your loved one’s wishes and settle their estate properly and efficiently.

About Life Planning And Medicaid In New York

Life planning encompasses many aspects of one’s life as they move into the “2nd half” of their lifetime. Much of the focus ends up being financial and health care related and includes Medicaid eligibility and planning, alzheimers / dementia, in-home care, nursing or assisted living homes, hospice and other long term care. For business owners it typically includes a plan for whether the business will be passed onto the next generation or sold. Those with significant assets can plan to avoid or minimize estate taxes while protecting their assets through the right trust(s).

Medicaid offers more comprehensive long‐term care coverage than the Medicare program, and because long‐term care costs are so high, many middle class seniors rely on Medicaid to pay for their care. A common misconception about Medicaid is that you have to impoverish yourself and your family completely before you can qualify for long‐term care coverage. This is simply not true.

When Should You Plan

There are 2 categories for Medicaid Planning. They are crisis planning and pre‐need planning.

Crisis Planning

This is for people who are facing an imminent need for long‐term care of some kind whether it be alzheimers, nursing home, hospice or other care. Because of the intensive nature of legal work involved, this type of planning tends to be more expensive than pre‐need planning.

Pre-Need Medicaid Planning

The best way to plan for long‐term care is to do so well before the need arises. By beginning early enough, it allows you to take advantage of the five year look‐back period among other benefits.

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