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Looking for the Right New York Trust Administration Attorney to Help You Administer a Trust to Protect & Preserve The Assets, Ensure Their Wishes Are Fulfilled And Avoid Costly Mistakes, Potential Conflict, Delays Or Worse?

The Following Are Typical Matters To Be Addressed In A Trust Administration:

  • Determining when a trust comes into existence.
  • Determining when trustee duties come into existence.
  • Marshalling (finding and controlling) and determining status of trust assets.
  • Determining status of beneficiaries.
  • Providing notice of existence and terms of the trust to beneficiaries.
  • Providing an inventory of trust property to beneficiaries.
  • Establishing and funding sub-trust that may be created under the trust terms.
  • Determining tax reporting requirements and payment of taxes such as estate and income taxes.
  • Obtaining tax identification numbers.
  • Determining creditors, if any, providing notice for opportunity to file claim, and payment of legitimate claims.
  • Providing an accounting of financial transactions during the administration at regularly required intervals, and sub-trusts if applicable.
  • Identifying and installing the Trustee.
  • Calculate and prepare plans of distributions to beneficiaries.

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